Transportation Services

Gangloff Industries specializes in providing transportation services for temperature sensitive products. We combine the latest technologies with the highest quality equipment and place it in the care of our experienced, professional drivers. The end result is the arrival of your product on time in the best condition. See all the features of our transport system for more information.


At Gangloff Industries, we use Utility brand trailers for superior transport protection, both on the road and on the lot. All of our trailers are equipped with the latest in refrigeration, monitoring and tracking technologies to ensure your products’ security, quality, and timeliness. That includes:

  • Carrier™ refrigeration Units – Keeping temperature sensitive products fresh requires constantly maintained temperature control. Carrier’s™ refrigeration system allows us to preserve your perishable cargo and maintain the level of freshness you and your consumers expect.
  • Startrak™ Remote Monitoring by Orbcomm – Our Utility trailers are equipped with Startrak™ remote monitoring systems, backed by Orbcomm, a leading provider of fleet tracking solutions. Our Startrak™ systems constantly monitor the cargo and alert us to any temperature variations or problems that could compromise your product, so that we can prevent any loss before it occurs. Whether your cargo is in transit or is awaiting offloading, the Startrak™ remote monitoring system keeps watch over your goods.


A quality trailer capable of storing perishable cargo needs a reliable tractor to haul it. That is why Gangloff Industries uses late-model Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. We service our tractors in-house along with a close partnership with Palmer Kenwoth to maintain peak efficiency and reliability so that your cargo is never delayed by poorly maintained trucks. Our combination of company-owned tractors and owner operators provides our customers with a well-maintained fleet. Our trucks also feature high-tech tracking, monitoring, and communications systems, such as:

  • Omnitracs Fleet Management Systems – The US motorway network is a complex system requiring up-to-date information to properly manage delivery times. By using Omnitracs, the brainchild of the communication and technology firm Qualcomm, we can provide route planning to our drivers, monitor their progress on the road, and keep track of deliveries as they are made. This technology has also equipped our fleet for the rollout of the Electronic Driver Daily Logging mandate December 2017 which Gangloff Industries, Inc. target implementation date is 7/2017.

Sales Team/Drivers

At Gangloff Industries, you will always find a courteous and professional team, from the loading and delivery of your cargo to our customer service staff. We have built our reputation on excellent customer service, and we take great pride in providing our customers with the best service possible. Our sales team will work to help satisfy all your transportation needs. If you have a specific need, we will work to ensure that it is met. We will go beyond our day to day services if it satisfies the needs of our customers, from expanding our standard delivery range to meeting a deadline. Our organizational structure allows us to respond quickly to requests. Gangloff Industries is always committed to providing the highest quality service.

Gangloff Industries, Inc. has always maintained a very low driver turnover, which is contradictive to the transportation industry as a whole and a very key part of our success. We know our success is our employees and our focus is constantly on learning better ways to work hand in hand to be more respectful to each other and provide needed benefits.

See our About page for more information on the Gangloff team.

Gangloff Industries, Inc. Trailer Sanitation Policy

To our customers, who entrust us with the care of their products, Gangloff Industries, Inc. submits the following information relative to the steps which we take to provide trailer sanitation:

Carrier Trailer Sanitation Policy:

  • The interiors of Gangloff Industries, Inc. refrigerated trailers are lined with materials compatible with the transportation of both raw and processed food products, and allow for ease of cleaning and sanitation.
  • Gangloff Industries, Inc. does not carry hazardous materials, garbage, or waste of any kind.
  • All trailer interiors are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized during the performance of regular maintenance when at our home terminal location in Logansport, IN. Trailers are also inspected for any damage to trailer linings or door seals which could harbor or allow the infiltration of insects, or compromise the ability of the refrigeration unit to maintain a consistent temperature within the trailer. All defects are repaired before the trailer is allowed to return to service.
  • Gangloff Industries, Inc. maintains a National Account with Blue Beacon Truck Washes, Trailers are washed on the road according to the following procedures.
    • Cold water washout when there is dry material on the walls or floor that cannot be swept from the trailer by the driver.
    • Hot water wash with soap when there is blood or other meat residue present or the trailer has a noticeable of objectionable odor.
  • All loads must be sealed as a means of insuring sanitary conditions inside the trailer are not compromised during transit. If a load is not sealed via shipper’s seal driver must seal it with a provided Gangloff Industries, Inc. seal. Refer to the Gangloff Industries, Inc. Transportation Load Security Policy.
  • Each Driver is briefed regarding this policy during the new driver orientation process.

Driver Responsibilities:

Proper Sanitation is a critical food safety issue. Failure to comply with this policy would be a violation of company policy and procedure and could result in a driver’s responsibility of cargo loss or claim.

  • Inspect the interior of each trailer after unloading or when picking up an empty drop trailer and communicate with dispatch any discrepancies with the interior of the trailer.
  • Follow the dispatcher’s instructions for having the trailer washed out, if necessary, prior to picking up the next load.

Our Load Security Policy 

To our customers, who entrust us with the care of their products, Gangloff Industries, Inc. submits the following information relative to the steps which we take to provide product Security:

Carrier Load Security Policy:

  • All loads must be sealed. If the shipper has not provided the proper seals, the driver is to utilize seals provided by Gangloff Industries, Inc. , which are available at the Operations Department in Logansport, IN.  NO load is to be moved ever without a seal in place.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Violations may result with the driver being partially or fully responsible for the claim. Other disciplinary action may be taken. 
  • The seal number must be verified and noted on the bill of lading prior to signing for the load at the Origin. Double check these seals before you depart the shipper, immediately report exceptions.
  • The integrity of this seal must not be compromised in transit.  No seal shall be broken without proper authorization and Gangloff Ind. must be notified of any breakage or tampering during transit.  Law enforcement may require a seal to be broken. If so, have the officer note on the Bill of Lading, the seal was broken and include his/her name and jurisdiction.  The officer should also reseal the load and note the new seal number on the bill of lading and also on the seal record which is the official chain of custody form. Gangloff Industries, Inc. and applicable shippers must be notified of such a transaction at the time it occurs.
  • Gangloff Industries, Inc. utilizes seal records to be completed with each shipment transported.  If the driver is not in possession of the proper form also acceptable is having the receiver write the words “Seal Intact” with the seal number notation must be noted and signed on the Bill of Lading by the receiver prior to breaking the seal.  If the trailer is dropped at a customer, the driver must obtain a “seal intact” notation with the seal number from the customer, or have a completed seal record.
  • Multi-Stop load require the seal history be maintained, utilizing the Seal Record provided Gangloff Industries, Inc., if you are not in possession of a Seal Record you are required to follow the seal record chain by utilizing the Bill of Lading and having the entering seal noted as “Seal Intact” upon arrival and the departing seal noted also on the Bill of Lading. 
  • Drivers must call any overage, shortage or damage into Dispatch immediately from the point at which the exception is first known.  Failure to follow this procedure may result in financial responsibility of the claim or other disciplinary action.  Any penalties assessed to the Carrier by the shippers for failure to follow this procedure will be passed through to the driver.
  • When a driver is relaying a load,  it is  the responsibility of driver 1 to complete the initial Seal record and pass that record on with the Bill of Lading to the driver 2.  This procedure is to be followed until the load is delivered. 
  • Seal and Trailer Security is part of the Driver Orientation. 

Load Securement:

  • Each Gangloff Industries, Inc. Driver is issued an American Steel Padlock.  Loaded trailers are to be sealed and locked at all times.

Drop Policy:

  • No dropping of trailers in unapproved or insecure areas.  Tractors are to remain hooked to trailers at all times.  Dispatch will monitor by satellite the location of equipment and where it is parked when off duty and where loaded trailers are to be securely parked.   No dropping of trailers in mud lots, shopping centers, truck stops or other locations where security problems exist.  Loaded trailers can only be dropped in authorized secure authorized yards, when the driver cannot be physically present to monitor the security. 

 Our Mission

“Gangloff Industries, Inc. is a refrigerated-transportation company dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. Our success is built through consistency, excellent reputation, loyalty, and valued relationships with our customers. We continually thrive to exceed our customer’s expectations, which lead to the achievement of sustained long term growth. We are committed to always moving forward in search for innovative ideas and solutions to improve and insure Gangloff Industries, Inc. maintains the highest standards of Safety and Professionalism as a Premiere Refrigerated Transportation Company. “

Randy “R” Ferguson